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Welcome to the homesite of Flavio Networks in English! Here you will find free software Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP compatible from the FlavioSoft factory (made by me ), extremely easy to use but very powerful. You can also find source codes, ActiveX components, articles... and a lot of stuff more!

Don't forget to send your comments and suggestions to flavio@ya.com, them are very appreciated and keep me motivated!

Now choose the way for your fun!

WinEsquema: the flowchart software to improve your study method and the productivity in your business. FolderQuote: The Windows Folder Administrator lets you take in order the hard disc drive of your server! IPUpdate: Dynamic IP? Don't worry, IPUpdate will keep all your domains updated in Internet easily!

Other highlights:

JPG-File-Dumper: Extract embedded JPG images from PDF document, uncompressed ZIP files, DLL libraries, executable files and more! Download NOW! 141 KB

MSN Profile LookUp: See the public MSN profile page of one Hotmail or Passport address without having to add this address to your MSN contact list! Download NOW! 18 KB

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