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IPUpdate 2.1

IPUpdate is a DNS update client. The possibilities of the program are:

  • If you want to build a HTTP, FTP or POP3/SMTP server but you don't have static IP, IPUpdate lets you to update your IP in your domains when your external IP changes.
  • If you want to notify your IP changement to a program, web service, etc, IPUpdate let you doing this tasks.

IPUpdate born when I needed to build my server at my office but to be able to serve web pages. But I couldn't do that because I didn't have static IP (it changed every 2 days). Then I made IPUpdate. The first version only was used at my office, but the current version 2.1 come with more news, a graphical settings interface and a built-in webserver to setup from a LAN or from Internet. Currently the Flavionet server uses IPUpdate 2.1 to keep the FLAVIONET domain updated.

News of the 2.1 version:

  • Added a small built-in webserver to setup and manage IPUpdate from Internet or from a LAN using a simple webbrowser.
  • Now you can specify the maximum time of waiting to one address in seconds (request timeout). Before, it was fixed (60 seconds).
  • When the Internet conection falls or IPUpdate cannot locate the IP service in Internet, the tray icon becomes very showy (red).

Bugs solved in 2.1 version:

  • Solved the crash when reaching the timeout.
  • Other minor bugs.

Screenshots from IPUpdate (click on them to zoom):

Settings panel Status panel

Also, you can read the IPUpdate tutorial on-line (included with the instalation).

Download IPUpdate 2.1 English Version (344 KB)
Contains also the program usermanual in english and english and spanish language packs.
Feel free to contact the author to get free technical support, reporting bugs and comment your suggestions.

Remember this software is freeware, as well as the rest of the software in Flavionet. Please check the Flavionet's freeware license agreement.


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Dynamic IP services?

Some well-known services are:

To find out how to configure IPUpdate with these dynamic IP services, consult the reference and help of each service. In the ZoneEdit FAQs (the only free service for first level domains) are explained the addresses to be called to update your domains.

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