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About Flavio...

Hi! I'm Flavio. I'm from Zaragoza, Spain, and a fifteen-years-old student. In FLAVIONET you will find the software I do. It's free and you may download it for free! All stuff in my page is free but if you do something with my software, please consider writing to me. I will be pleased if you do that. I want to hear from you!: flavio@ya.com

I have been doing software for Windows since 2000 and now you can find the most recent programs I have done. The most part of my website is in Spanish. So, if you want to download many other software for free, please visit the Spanish page.

Other websites I have done can be visited by following the next links (all sites are in Spanish, but I'm sure that you will enjoy them).

Keep the cursor over the sites to show a short description of them.

Good luck and enjoy the site!

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